Evaluating your overall sports performance

EPIC Index

What Is the EPIC Index?

EPIC Index is the gold standard in evaluating athletes.

The evaluation provides each athlete:

  • EPIC index score (0-3000)

  • Information on target areas that prevent injuries

  • Valuable data on how to increase athletic performance

At T7 Fitness, developing the fastest, strongest, and most explosive athlete starts with EPIC Index. The EPIC Index baseline score is crucial for developing the athlete’s program and tracking their progress.

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Strength and Conditioning Program

EPIC Athletic Performance Index aka. The EPIC API Originally developed in the 1960's by Boyd Epley, MEd, CSCS (the original strength coach); Mike Arthur, CSCS, RSCC*E; and Chris Eskridge, PhD; the EPIC API has been battle tested time and time again. Once a well-kept secret algorithm of elite sports organizations, it is now publicly available!

EPIC API involves three tests - the Vertical Jump, the Pro-Agility (5-10-5 Shuttle), and the 10 Yard Dash. These tests measure Power, Agility, and Speed. The results of each test are assigned points based off not only how they performed on the test – but it also takes into account biometric measures such as weight. A 140 lb athlete and a 190 lb athlete may both have a vertical of 28 inches, but it takes more power to move that 190 lb body – this difference is reflected in the EPIC API.

Coaches can identify how an athlete stacks up globally and what needs improvement as well as identifying if the athlete has improved following a program cycle by using the index for pre- and post-testing. EPIC API is a valuable tool to add to any Strength and Conditioning Program.